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Group of Artists from Casterton, country Victoria, and further afield in Australia

Painting Words – Celebrating John Shaw Neilson

The Loving Tree by Beth Dwyer JSN entry

‘The Loving Tree’ by Beth Dwyer

This year’s John Shaw Neilson Acquisitive Art Prize inspired several members of Artists of the Valley to produce some evocative works.  All met the challenge of interpreting the poetry of the Penola-born poet, John Shaw Neilson, with enthusiasm.  It is always intriguing to see artists’ various takes on chosen poems, unaware that a fellow artist has been inspired by the same poem in the creative marriage of words and art.

Say  this for Love by Julie Kent JSN entry

‘Say this for Love’ by Julie Kent

Several of us attended the opening and awards night, and as always, had a thoroughly enjoyable time.  The judge’s comments were edifying, and a testament to the combination of personal preference and appreciation of skill and talent in the judging process.  With the quality of work entered, not one of us envied the judge, Clare Gilham of the Art Gallery of SA.

The Winner by Collin Tenney JSN entry

‘The Winner’ by Collin Tenney

Darryl Tresize, Artists of the Valley member and glass artist based in Sandford, provided added interest to the exhibition with his hanging glass art of a Blue Wren.  It was the first time glass art was entered and the piece caught viewers’ interest and attention.

Blue Wren in the Hop Bush by Darryl Tresize

‘Blue Wren in the Hop Bush’ by Darryl Tresize

Member Glad Laslett’s entry of a landscape, titled ‘Day’s End’ sold during the exhibition.  And although none of our members received awards for their entries this year, the experience and opportunity to exhibit in the prestigious exhibition was most definitely rewarding.

Lost in the Dardanelles Jenn White JSN entry 2014

‘Lost at the Dardanelles’ Jenn White

Entries by Jenn White and Chris Brown were inspired by the poem ‘Ownerless’, which tells of a horse called Darkie whose beloved master will never return, having died in the First World War.  Each work, as you can see above and below, is a unique and individual interpretation of the same poem.

Chris Brown Entry JSN 2014

‘Darkie’ by Chris Brown

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