Artists of the Valley & Gorman's Art Gallery – Casterton

Group of Artists from Casterton, country Victoria, and further afield in Australia

Inspired by Poetry

Dagny Strand's 'Vanishing Point'

Dagny Strand’s ‘Vanishing Point’.  Winner of the Local Artist Award 2017

It is always a challenge to gather inspiration and the Muse in the same room when choosing a poem for an entry into the annual John Shaw Neilson Art Prize. Members of the now-combined Artists of the Valley and Gorman’s Art Gallery did a wonderful job of corralling their resources, talent, skill, inspiration and personal Muses.  Some excellent work was produced for entries into this year’s competition.

Congratulations go to Dagny Strand, Penola artist, on winning the Local Artist category – the only other prize awarded apart from the overall winner.  Her painting (above) abounds with mood, movement and artistic tension.

Penny Dowie’s pencil drawing titled ‘The Young widow’ was awarded the overall winner, a prize of $10,000.  Penny is not a member of our group, but we warm-heartedly congratulate her on a well-deserved win.

The Young Widow by Penny Dowie Winner

The Young Widow by Penny Dowie Overall Winner

And, congratulations to all entrants on making the opening night a wonderful journey in art.

Beth Dwyer with 'Big Red Rock'

Beth Dwyer with ‘Big Red Rock’

Julie Kent with 'You and Yellow Air'

Julie Kent with ‘You and Yellow Air’

Julie Kent 1

Julie Kent’s watercolour ‘Old Granny Sullivan’

Collin Tenney

Collin Tenney ‘The River’s Edge’

Collin Tenney 2

Collin Tenney’s ‘Kingfisher’

Suzanne MacKenzie and 'Smoker Parrot'

Suzanne MacKenzie and ‘Smoker Parrot’

Jenn White's 'Royal Dance in Stony Town'

Jenn White’s ‘Royal Dance in Stony Town’

Katriona Lodge's 'All the World's a Lolly Shop'

Katriona Lodge’s ‘All the World’s a Lolly Shop’

Any enquiries regarding the artists or artwork presented here will be passed on to the appropriate person.

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