Artists of the Valley & Gorman's Art Gallery – Casterton

Group of Artists from Casterton, country Victoria, and further afield in Australia

Exciting Times Ahead for Gorman’s Art Gallery and Artists of the Valley

Beth Dwyer trying her hand at woodblock printing

Beth Dwyer trying her hand at woodblock printing

With the Clarice Beckett Art Award now behind us for this year, it’s on to other exciting projects.  The Gorman’s Art Gallery, the exhibiting home of Artists of the Valley and Gallery members, is launching ‘Artist of the Month‘.  The mini-exhibitions, featuring the work of selected members, begins August 1st with the work of Beth Dwyer on show. Visitors to the Gallery will not only be treated to a new and concentrated dose of art, but they will also gain insight into how Beth finds her inspiration, and converts it to images on paper and canvas.

Also in the planning stages is an arts event that will put Casterton, in the Western District of Victoria, onto the ‘arts map’.  The brainchild of member Collin Tenney, has quickly grown into a collaboration between local businesses, groups, and artists of all ilks in the region.  It promises to be a varied and exciting event to celebrate what gives a place soul.

The ‘official’ meet and greet and informal discussion for interested folk will be held at Casterton’s Albion Hotel Motel, 25 Henty Street, Casterton, on August 12th at 7.00 pm. It is an opportunity for all to put forward ideas and work together to make this an event to celebrate.


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