Artists of the Valley & Gorman's Art Gallery – Casterton

Group of Artists from Casterton, country Victoria, and further afield in Australia

September – A Month of Print

Jenn White printmaking in her studio

Jenn White printmaking in her studio

As part of the ‘Artist of the Month’ mini exhibitions featured at Gorman’s Art Gallery, September sees a selection of Jenn White’s work on display.   The focus is on printmaking.  Offering examples of different techniques and methods, works include relief prints done from lino cuts and wood cuts, monotypes, collagraphs and dry point etching.  Her prints are done entirely by hand, without the aid of an etching press.

Jenn’s passion for printmaking, in all its guises, leads to experimentation in simple and complex processes.  Her reduction prints involve numerous steps, successively ‘reducing’ the printing block by cutting and printing layer upon layer of colour, until the final image is achieved (and the block reduced to almost nothing).  In another example, a design is inscribed into a sheet of coated cardboard (the same stuff milk cartons are made from), making a jig-saw puzzle out of the block and printing in three colours.


Altered Book Page with wood cut portrait - Jenn White

Altered Book Page with wood cut portrait

Keen to incorporate printmaking into projects other than wall art, Jenn has included woodcut prints, hand-carved stamps and found poetry, into an altered book – a discarded hard cover novel destined for landfill, made into a work of art.  The mini exhibition runs for the whole of this month.


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