Artists of the Valley & Gorman's Art Gallery – Casterton

Group of Artists from Casterton, country Victoria, and further afield in Australia

The Art-full Life

Glad Laslett, Life member, Artists of the Valley

Glad Laslett, Life member

The work of our inaugural Life Member, Glad Laslett, is featured during October as part of the Artist of the Month exhibitions at Gorman’s Art Gallery in Casterton.  Glad’s experience, gained in over fifty years of  painting, shows in the pieces exhibited – a mere sampling of a lifetime’s work.  Her talent for portraying ‘mood’ in her landscapes is clearly evident.

Always keen on drawing and art, Glad began taking her passion seriously in the sixties.  She undertook her first painting course in Mount Gambier, where she lived at that time.  From then on, she continued to hone her skills, with her talent blooming.  Wherever Glad lived, in several states of Australia, she studied under artists willing to share their knowledge, learning something from each.

Glad was a founding member of the South East Art Society, based in Mount Gambier, South Australia, and took part in the society’s first art show.  Her work was the only entry to receive favourable comments from the judge.

On settling in Casterton, Victoria, Glad sought out other artists and was one of the instigators of the local art group, Artists of the Valley.  Her contributions to the group have been numerous, and her encouragement towards others unfailing.  The president of the group for several years, Glad has earned a rest, though she still takes a keen interest and continues to contribute.

Glad’s work is on view until the end of October.


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