Artists of the Valley & Gorman's Art Gallery – Casterton

Group of Artists from Casterton, country Victoria, and further afield in Australia

Playing Catch-Up with Art and the Gallery

Time slips away, and although blog posts have been in hiatus, members of the gallery and art group have not been idle.  The tail-end of 2017 was as busy as the rest of the year, as has been the first quarter of 2018.  It’s difficult to believe we are already in the lead-up to this year’s Clarice Beckett Art Award.

Galleries Do a Swap

In January this year, Gorman’s Art Gallery collaborated with the Red Tail Gallery, a cooperative art space in Edenhope, Victoria, in a swap of members’ artwork.  The aim was twofold: to add a point of interest for visitors to the respective galleries, and, to give each district’s artists a chance to showcase some of their work in a different region.

It worked well.  Although sales were not exceptionally high, it piqued interest, as well as giving the participating artists a chance to see work of their peers, in different mediums and styles, that might not normally be possible.  We plan on doing the swap again.

Red Tail Swap3

Red Tail Swap4

Art from the Red Tail Gallery artists exhibited in Casterton…

…and Gorman’s Art Gallery members’ work in Edenhope.

Members Rewarded for their Efforts

Recently, one of the highlights was several members’ enjoying success when awarded for their works at the Penshurst Art Show.  A handful of dedicated folk in the small town of Penshurst, near Hamilton, initiated the art show last year, this year’s being the second of what will be an annual event.  Art shows are an opportunity for artists to have their work seen, and to meet and mix with other ‘creatives’.  Making the art available benefits towns in offering another element of interest for visitors.

Best Watercolour - Burnt Creek Poppies by Suzie Mackenzie

Best Watercolour – Burnt Creek Poppies by Suzie Mackenzie

Best Acrylic - Margaret Ollie: My Life on canvas by Collin Tenney

Best Acrylic – Margaret Ollie: My Life on canvas by Collin Tenney

Best Printmaking - The Lament by Jenn White

Best Printmaking – The Lament by Jenn White

As well as three Best in Section awards, two Highly Commended awards went to Ros Millsteed and Jenn White for other entries.  The Casterton mob did well!

Artist of the Month ‘Mini’ Solo Exhibitions

Continuing into 2018 is the Artist of the Month initiative, showcasing the talent and skills of members.  It is a treat to see a body of work by each artist, for other art group members and visitors who call into the gallery.

Ros Millsteed ~ November 2018

Narelle Gill ~ December 2017


Collin Tenney – January

Janette Ireland – February

Chris Niewand – March

Julie Kent – April

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