Artists of the Valley & Gorman's Art Gallery – Casterton

Group of Artists from Casterton, country Victoria, and further afield in Australia

A Dab of M.A.G.I.C. in the South West

Dagny Strand demonstrating for the group

Dagny Strand demonstrating for the group

The weather cooperated beautifully for organisers and artists alike for October’s Music Art and Gardens In Casterton.  The bi-annual event draws folk from all over.  This year, while enjoying the various gardens on offer, and buying a plant or two, visitors were treated to watching and interacting with artists as they worked ‘en plein air’. Spoiled for painting subjects, members took some time to decide on their favourite view to portray in paint.

Dagny Strand, well-known artist from Penola, South Australia, kindly mentored the group and gave some valuable tips on working on-site.

For one member there was a frustrating hiccup in the day.  Jenn White, Sandford resident and printmaker, had worked on an unusual and creative ‘kit’ to enable printmaking in the great outdoors.  Her set up was quite the talking point.  All ready to carve and print, Jenn discovered she had forgotten to pack the roller – an essential piece of kit to enable application of ink to the block.  The omission made for plenty of chuckles when folk wandered over to see the printmaker ‘at work’.

If we needed a short break, there was food and coffee available, as well as toe-tapping music by the Stumpy Gully Bush Band .

Stumpy Gully Bush Band

The property, owned by the Munro family and several kilometres out of Casterton at Wilkin, near Strathdownie, was a delight.  With a mix of beautifully laid out gardens, far-reaching vistas and swathes of bush leading down to the Glenelg River, it was the perfect venue for the group.  Thanks go to the Casterton Rotary and the Munros for hosting the event and the art group.

Jo Taylor and Cheryle Lyons

Jo Taylor and Cheryle Lyons

All in all it was an exceptional and successful day for all involved.

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