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Group of Artists from Casterton, country Victoria, and further afield in Australia

Clarice Beckett Art Award 10th Anniversary

It’s a special year for Artists of the Valley and Gorman’s Art Gallery, being a decade since the inception of the Clarice Beckett Art Award. The old adage of ‘time flies when you having fun’ could never be more apt, the decade having whizzed by.

To celebrate this milestone in 2022, an extra category in ‘The Clarice’, with associated prize money, gives artists the opportunity to pay homage to Clarice Beckett in their chosen subject and medium. Artists have been busy researching Clarice Beckett’s life and work, longing for a time machine to back-track 90 plus years. How marvellous it would be to sit at the kitchen table in Beaumaris, where a lot of Clarice’s work was completed, and chat over a cuppa. Much criticised for her style and subject matter by many of her peers and the art critics of the time, how did she really feel about so-called ‘experts’ and their opinions? A kind and gentle soul, one imagines her too polite to thumb her nose at the critics while following her passion for painting.

If not for the equal passion and dedication of Rosalind Hollinrake, in tracking down the mystery artist, of a single ‘moody, haunting’ painting, Clarice Beckett and her work would have remained in obscurity. How much poorer the world would be.

The Award takes place over the Queen’s Birthday weekend, always a busy time in Casterton with the annual Kelpie Auction and Muster.

This year’s entry form is available on the ‘Clarice Beckett Art Award’ page of this blog.

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