Artists of the Valley & Gorman's Art Gallery – Casterton

Group of Artists from Casterton, country Victoria, and further afield in Australia

Clarice Beckett Art Award – Rescheduled

With COVID19 playing havoc with events in the first half of 2021, the Annual Award and Exhibition was postponed this year, rather than be cancelled. Organisers, and artists who had entered in anticipation of the event happening at the usual time in June, were happy to hold off for a month with the actual event. So, yes, it is a happening thing!

With artists around the country being in limbo for over a year, the Award has attracted more than 70 entries. As always, high quality work has been submitted in a broad range of subjects and mediums from both professional and emerging artists. Those who can travel to Casterton are invited to attend the opening, or view the exhibition over the second weekend in July. No Kelpie Muster this year, unfortunately, but plenty to feed the souls of art lovers.

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