Artists of the Valley & Gorman's Art Gallery – Casterton

Group of Artists from Casterton, country Victoria, and further afield in Australia

Life after Lockdown


It’s been a quiet few months at Gorman’s Art Gallery, although, during the lockdown period due to COVID19, here in Casterton Victoria, artists have been busy in their home studios or inside by the fire.  There’s nothing  like creative expression and using one’s hands to mark-make to take a mind off the troubling times experienced worldwide.


As well as artwork, there has been a different sort of painting going on – the walls of the gallery space receiving a facelift, and exhibition screens getting new covers.  The gallery is looking pretty spiffy.



This week saw the re-opening, with visitors commenting on the art, the ambience and the fact that it was wonderful to see the doors open again.  Members wholeheartedly agree.  Part of the joy of making art is sharing it with others.


We have a couple of new members, with one, who is a potter, already having brought work in to add variety to what is available.  Others are busy coming out of hibernation, finishing off new works.


It is disappointing that this year’s Clarice Beckett Art Award had to be postponed, like so many art shows and exhibitions, and looking likely to not happen at all, this year.  To add a bit of creative incentive to the latter part of the year, there is a ‘Small Treasures’ exhibition in the planning stages, a workshop with a well-known artist as mentor and instructor, as well as a plein air day in November.

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